Over the last few years, by far the most requested topic for Finance Director Europe across its media has been the impact of digital transformation on businesses and the changing role of the CFO.

Established companies are harnessing digital technologies to become more agile, efficient and customer centric to compete with the smaller, newer digital disruptors. Finance Directors are, therefore, compelled to move beyond the numbers to become true business partners who can add commercial value to their business.

The purpose of the FDE digital awards is to recognise Finance Directors that have gone above and beyond their traditional role to drive value from digital, that are successfully ushering in the next generation of finance leadership and the digital disruptors that have changed the game from a business and operating model perspective. We are looking for finance departments and cross functional teams that have gone through the most successful digital transformation journeys to reinvent themselves. We will also be assessing examples of the most innovative use of technology or combination of technologies to drive business impact.